Photo Booth

How big is the booth?
Our photo booth is a 5×5 soft cloth booth. The extra room allows for big groups, photo bombs and all the fun.
How much time is needed to set up?
For most venues we need about 30 minutes to fully setup the booth and be operational.

Can you set up early?
If early set up is needed, it needs to be pre-arranged. In most circumstances we are able to set up early depending on other bookings. Fees may apply.

Can the photo booth be set up outside?
Yes, but we need to be made aware of this prior, to go over specific details. The weather in Kansas is very unpredictable, so backup plans may need to be made.

Does the photo booth have a monitor outside as well as inside?
All the fun can’t be contained to only the inside, so there is a monitor on the outside so everyone in line can join in on the fun going on inside.

Is the photo booth wheel chair accessible?
Absolutely. With the cloth booth, we can remove chairs and bring in the wheelchair and still have room for a group to enjoy some photo booth time.

Can guest go in as many times as they would like?
Yes they can. Who wants to go in just one time? Once your guests have been in once, they are going to want to do it over and over again.

How many people can fit inside?
6 adults comfortably can fit in the booth, but if you want more, we can accommodate more smiling faces.

Can you we rent more than one booth for an event?
Yes, please contact us for a booth discount.

What accommodations are needed at the venue?
Power, 3 chairs and room for fun.


How long does it take to for the photo to print?
Prints are ready within 30 seconds of the last picture taken.

What colors can I choose from for the photo strips?
You tell us what you want and we will create it, including David’s Bridal color palette. You also get to customize text, logos, number of pics; you think it, we will design it.

How long should I rent the booth for?
Each type of event is different. Please contact us so we can help you.

Does everyone get a print?
Yes, we do prints for everyone that goes in the booth. No one goes without a picture of their time in the booth.

Can I get photos after the event is over?
We store pictures for 6 months. If you decide you need a CD or a copy of a print, just contact us with the event date and we can find.

Can we choose to have color and black and white?
Our standard is color, but can also do black and white. During an event, we can also switch if someone would like a black and white print.


Can I change dates?
When you put a deposit down with us, the deposit is not refundable, but is transferable to any open date. We will do whatever we can to make it work.

How much power is needed?
One standard 120V outlet is all we need.



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